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Winter Weather Tips for Colorado Drivers

With winter right around the corner, Denver is bracing for intense winter weather. Unpredictable weather patterns and dangerous road conditions are both common causes of car accidents in the area. To limit your chances of being involved in a weather-related accident, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure that your car is winter ready.

  1. Check tire conditions- Run down tires on an already slick driving surface are a common reason for collisions. Test your tire’s tread to ensure that they are an acceptable depth for function as intended. If your tires have a low tread, you’re far more likely to slide on wet roads. Replace your tires with snow tires for optimum safety.

For more severe weather conditions, Colorado law requires drivers to use chains or other traction items for added safety.

  1. Check fluids- Inadequate fluid levels can contribute to bigger problems including cloudy windshields, underperforming engines, brake failure, and stalled vehicles. Make sure that your windshield wiper fluids, anti-freeze, oil, and any other fluids which may be depleted, are at the proper levels.
  1. Check battery levels- In cold temperatures, car batteries can drain more easily leading to stalled vehicles which may be hazardous for other drivers. Visit your local mechanic to determine the strength of your batteries, and replace them as needed.  

Following these tips can mean the difference between an accident-free winter, and being involved in a serious car collision. Take your safety seriously this winter. Drive appropriate for the conditions, drive safely, and take your time. For more tips on how to prepare your vehicle for winter weather, visit The Denver Channel.

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