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Technology May be the Answer to the Distracted Driving Problem

Distracted driver

With the influx of technology available to drivers, it is much easier for drivers to become distracted while operating a motor vehicle. In recent years, distracted driving due to phone use has become one of the leading causes of automobile collisions; however, the solution may be in sight.

Ironically, numerous developers have begun creating cell phone apps aimed at reducing distractions while a vehicle is in motion. Boulder, Colorado native, Scott Tibbitts developed, “Groove,” a device which blocks all notifications while a vehicle is in motion. This device is implanted underneath the driver’s steering wheel and connects with the cloud system on the driver’s cell phone. Once properly connected, Groove blocks all messages, emails, and other notifications until the vehicle is no longer in motion and the engine has been turned off.

Whenever another cell user attempts to get into contact with the Groove user, the individual sending the message will receive an automated message informing him or her that the recipient is driving and cannot be reached at the time.

In addition to Groove, some cellular service providers already have tools in place to try to combat distracted driving. Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T all have a similar app for drivers which mutes any notifications sounds from messages or phone calls while the car is in motion; however, these apps are more targeted toward texting and less toward social media networks which may still be accessed while the car is in motion.

These are just a few of the options available for drivers who find themselves struggling to limit cell phone usage while driving.

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