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Dangerous Conditions on Private Property

The presence of inclement weather means that property owners must be more diligent in maintaining their properties. The lack of care in property upkeep can create dangerous conditions and result in slip and falls, collisions, and other issues due to negligence. Most companies do well with maintaining safe property conditions.

Icy sidewalks and slick walkways are risks that private property owners should be aware exist.  Since sidewalks and steps are accessible to any passing individual, property owners should ensure that these areas remain clear and are properly and promptly treated.

Uneven surfaces and dilapidated steps are another cause of concern for passersby. Snow, ice, and even leaves can cause hazards like these to go unnoticed, especially if they go unattended to for long periods of time. City ordinances generally outline what is an acceptable height for uneven surfaces and damage to sidewalks.  If the damages fall outside these guidelines, property owners should take the necessary steps to have their sidewalks repaired to make them safe for pedestrians.

In addition to outside hazards, a number of dangerous conditions inside a structure may cause concern as well. When you invite an individual into your home, you must take precautions to reasonably protect them from dangerous conditions which may exist on your property.  Raised carpets and faulty handrails are examples of the kinds of dangers that could subject a homeowner to a personal injury claim. It is important to secure all raised surfaces and stabilize any railings to reduce the likelihood of any injuries. Additionally, other examples of hazardous conditions include the following:

  • improperly fenced homes
  • poor lighting
  • uneven stairs
  • inadequate security
  • unsalted or unshoveled lots
  • loose or fallen objects

If you or a loved one was injured on another person's property due to a dangerous condition, you may be able to pursue a claim for your losses and damages

Attorney Jennifer L. Donaldson has handled multiple personal injury cases over a long and extensive trial career.

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This Article Was Last Updated on March 28, 2017. 


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