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Child Care Accidents

If your child has suffered injuries while in day care or in the care of another person, it can be a very unexpected and stressful experience. Although no parent wants to involve their child in a lawsuit, hiring an experienced Denver personal injury lawyer for your child’s injuries may be in your child’s best interest and can help your child receive full and fair compensation for their injuries and losses.

Under Colorado law, a child or a minor under the age of 18 is considered a person under disability, which means they are incapable of taking legal action on their own. Although in most cases a statute of limitations (SOL) begins to run immediately after the injuries occurred, since your child is considered under disability, the statute of limitations for their claims may not begin to run until a later date. Each type of injury case is different.

If your child is injured due to the negligence of a third party, it is critical that you consult with a Denver personal injury attorney immediately to educate yourself regarding the potential deadlines for filing suit against the negligent party. Also, if you, as the parent, incurred economic losses as a result of your child’s injuries, your ability to pursue a claim for your own damages is time limited. If you do not settle your claims or file a lawsuit within the appropriate period of time, you may be forever barred from recovering your own economic losses.

In Colorado, probate court approval is required before a personal injury case involving a minor can be settled. The rules for seeking approval of a minor’s personal injury settlement are very specific. Jennifer Donaldson has experience navigating this system on behalf of her clients and will guide you through this potentially complicated process.

Denver Child Care Accident Lawyer

Did your child suffer serious injuries because of a Colorado day care's negligence? Law Office of Jennifer L. Donaldson represents clients in such areas as Boulder, Longmont, Lakewood, Arvada, Aurora, Thornton, Westminster, Centennial, and Littleton.

Attorney Jennifer L. Donaldson is knowledgeable in all areas of child accident claims in Colorado and will make every effort to help your child receive full and fair compensation for his or her injuries. Call (303)-458-5000 for a free consultation.

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Causes of Day Care Accidents in Denver

Denver day care or child care accidents generally occur due to any of the following:

  • Dangerous playground equipment;
  • Electrical hazards or exposed wires:
  • Hazards at the daycare or child care facility;
  • Ignoring or neglecting the needs of the child;
  • Negligent supervision;
  • Psychological or physical abuse;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Sharp objects;
  • Unsafe toys; and/or
  • Unsanitary conditions.

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Types of Colorado Day Care Injuries

Injuries that commonly arise due to day care or child care negligence claims can include any of the following:

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Child Care Negligence Lawsuits in Denver

If your child sustained injuries in a daycare or child care facility as a result of the negligence of an employee at the facility, it is very important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Denver as soon as possible.

Although you may not want to initially file a lawsuit against the negligent party for your child's injuries, they and/or their insurance company may refuse to pay for all of the damages that come from the incident, or they may dispute the claim altogether. Therefore, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who will represent your child best interests and help your family recover full and fair compensation.

In order to recover damages, your attorney will have to prove the elements to a negligence claim by a preponderance of the evidence. A preponderance of the evidence is a burden of proof that is satisfied if more of the evidence in your case weighs more in your favor than it does not. Additionally, your attorney must prove that the employees of the day care or child care facility owed your child a duty, they breached that duty, and their breach actually and proximately caused your child's injuries.

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Law Office of Jennifer L. Donaldson | Child Care Accident Attorney in Denver

Nothing should stand in the way of the happiness and safety of your child. If you feel as though someone acted negligently, leading to an accident that injured your child, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

Jennifer Donaldson is an experienced Denver personal injury lawyer who will listen to the facts of your particular situation and make every effort to help your child receive just compensation for the injuries they suffered. Contact the Law Office of Jennifer L. Donaldson at (303)-458-5000 or submit an online form for a consultation about your child's day care accident in Denver today.

Contact the Law Office of Jennifer L. Donaldson today for a consultation about your child care accident claim in Denver County and the surrounding areas of Boulder County, Jefferson County, Adams County and Arapahoe County.

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