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Biking Tour Accidents

There are hundreds of breathtaking places throughout Colorado, which makes bicycling across the scenic locales a very popular activity for residents and tourists alike. In addition to four National Parks that include Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison, there is also City Park, Red Rocks Park, Boreas Pass, Barr Lake State Park, and countless other pristine locations in the greater Denver area.

Multiple companies in the Centennial State offer all-inclusive bicycle tours, ranging from casual guided rides to more adventurous tours for the thrill-seeking crowds. Unfortunately, bicyclists remain exceptionally susceptible to serious injuries in many locations, and an accident on one of these tours can have dramatic, life-changing consequences.

Denver Biking Tour Accidents Lawyer

If you sustained catastrophic injuries or your loved one was killed on a bicycle tour in Colorado, you will want to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The Law Office of Jennifer L. Donaldson represent clients throughout the Denver area, including Westminster, Thornton, Longmont, Littleton, Lakewood, Centennial, Boulder, Aurora, and Arvada.

Jennifer Donaldson is a biking enthusiast herself, and she works as hard in the courtroom as she does on the trails. She can review your case and discuss your legal options when you call (303)-458-5000 to set up a free consultation.

Biking Tour Injury Information

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Colorado Biking Tours

Several companies in Colorado offer bicycle tours. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • At Your Pace - Freestyle Cycling Adventures;
  • Awe-Struck Outdoors;
  • Beer and Bike Tours;
  • The Bicycle Barn;
  • Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures;
  • BV Cruisers;
  • Canyon Bikes;
  • Challenge Unlimited, Ltd Pikes Peak by Bike;
  • Classic Cruiser Bike Rentals & Tours;
  • Colorado Bike Adventures;
  • Equipo;
  • The FC Bike Library;
  • Finish Line Cycling - Colorado Bicycle Vacations;
  • Gateway Canyons;
  • Gold Belt Tour - Scenic and Historic Byway;
  • High Altitude Bicycle Tours;
  • Mojo Bike Tours;
  • Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours;
  • Summit Cycling Productions; and
  • Velo View Bike Tours.

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Types of Denver Biking Tour Accidents

There are many reasons that bicycle crashes occur during guided tours. In some instances, an accident can be the result of something that went wrong with the actual bicycle. In other cases, a certain hazard on a road or trail can cause a crash.

Many of the most serious accidents typically involve a collision with a motor vehicle. The several types of vehicle-bicycle crashes include, but are not limited to:

  • Backing — Driver strikes bicyclist while backing out onto roadway;
  • Bicyclist Left Turn - Facing Traffic —Bicyclist made left turn in front of oncoming traffic and was struck by a driver who may have been speeding or distracted;
  • Drive Out At Intersection - Other — Driver strikes bicyclist after failing to yield at intersection;
  • Drive Out At Midblock — Driver strikes bicyclist while entering roadway from driveway or alley;
  • Drive Through — Driver strikes bicyclist after running stop sign or signal;
  • Motorist Left Turn In Front Of Bicyclist — Driver struck bicyclist while turning left in front of bicyclist traveling in the same direction;
  • Motorist Left Turn - Facing Bicyclist — Driver struck bicyclist while turning left in front of oncoming bicyclist;
  • Motorist Lost Control — Driver strikes bicyclist after losing control of vehicle;
  • Motorist Overtaking - Bicyclist Path Obstructed — Driver was moving from behind the bicyclist to in front of him or her, but the bicyclist’s path was obstructed and he or she either collided with the obstruction or was struck by the vehicle;
  • Motorist Overtaking - Counteractive Evasive Actions — Bicyclist struck by driver while swerving left or right in attempt to avoid vehicle as it was moving from behind the bicyclist to in front of him or her;
  • Motorist Overtaking - Failed To Detect — Driver failed to detect the bicyclist while moving from behind the bicyclist to in front of him or her;
  • Motorist Overtaking - Misjudged Passing Space — Driver strikes bicyclist after misjudging the width or length needed to pass;
  • Multiple Threat Crashes — Bicyclist fails to clear intersection before traffic signal turns green for cross traffic and driver’s view was obstructed by standing traffic;
  • Non-Roadway — Driver strikes bicyclist in any non-roadway location, such as a parking lot;
  • Right On Red — Driver strikes bicyclist while making a right turn on red at intersection controlled by traffic signal;
  • Trapped Crashes — Bicyclist fails to clear intersection before traffic signal turns green for cross traffic and driver’s view was not obstructed;
  • Uncontrolled Intersection — Crash occurred at intersection with no stop sign or traffic signal; or
  • Wrong Way Motorist — Driver struck bicyclist while driving in wrong lane or otherwise going wrong way.

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Liable Parties in Colorado Biking Tour Accidents

In any bicycle crash, it is possible for multiple parties to be liable for a victim’s injuries. This is especially true in accidents involving multiple vehicles. The liable parties depend on the specific circumstances of your crash, but some of the parties that may be at fault in a bicycle tour crash can include, but are not limited to:

  • Bicycle Equipment Manufacturers — If accident was the result of brake failure, chain defect, or some other bicycle component issue;
  • Bicycle Rental Companies — The shop or owner of a rented bike can be responsible if the bicycle was in dangerous condition when it was rented out;
  • Municipal Authorities — The state of Colorado or a county, city, or town could be liable if their failure to maintain adequate road conditions caused your injuries;
  • Property Owners — Similar to above, a premises owner could be at fault if your injuries were sustained as a result of dangerous conditions on private property; and
  • Vehicle Drivers or Owners — The owner or driver of a motor vehicle could be responsible if his or her negligence caused the bicycle crash.

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Find a Biking Tour Accidents Lawyer in Denver

Jennifer Donaldson’s legal ability as a Denver personal injury attorney has made her a recipient of the prestigious AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®. She is dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable for catastrophic injuries and obtaining the compensation her clients need and deserve.

The Law Office of Jennifer L. Donaldson serves clients all over Denver County as well as surrounding areas such as Jefferson County, Boulder County, Arapahoe County, and Adams County. Call our firm today at (303)-458-5000 or submit an online form to have us review your case during a free, confidential obligation consultation.

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